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At Holistic Avenue we open the door to health and wellness. We work with you through everyday real life situations and always keep the whole person in mind. 

Our focus is on you; All of our programs are custom curated and tailored to your uniqueness. We are dedicated to walking with you towards a lifestyle of transformative Health and Wellness.

We encourage our clients to mix up the services we offer according to their specific needs and lifestyle. This is not an all inclusive list of services but rather a starting point.

Holistic Avenue is a broad practice that encompasses all health and wellness aspects from preconception to end of life, while Bariatric City focuses on the mentality of transformation one goes through after Bariatric surgery.

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Complimentary Consultation

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Our goal is YOUR success. Working with the right coach is extremely important, and can make all the difference. To ensure we are a good fit we offer a complimentary consultation.  The consultation is a way for us to get to know each other, and set up your first session. 

Personal Health Coaching

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Holistic Avenue’s one of a kind, no nonsense, personal coaching turns the focus back on you. We start where you are at; together we examine current habits and routines, consider all the data, and implement adjustments using your skills, moving you towards your goals. Together we explore your values and leverage your unique strengths to build success.

One on one coaching is offered over a period of ninety days, this allows for enough time to experiment and make modifications when needed.

All of our 1:1 coaching offers include:
• Access to your coach via email in between sessions
• Invitation to a private group- Build friendships and community.
• Customized Health and Wellness Information
• Fun Tips/Tricks about implementing new habits and how to make them stick.

Pantry Immersion Experience

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The pantry immersion experience is all about your home pantry, it provides your coach information about your daily environment. Seeing first hand what you and/or your family enjoy and typically stock up on is very valuable, it gives your coach insight so they can give personalized information about how you can improve your family’s health while keeping each individual’s autonomy in mind. During the immersion, we will discuss how to decipher food labels and ingredients, making future shopping trips easier and less stressful. We will go through the items in your pantry, as well as your refrigerator and freezer. Having a complete view from your perspective is very helpful and can be the key to unlock your success. 

Tailored Shopping Excursion

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Feel confident in the grocery store after a busy day or while you are hungry. The Excursion is a great way to learn how to tackle the chaos that can quickly take place at the grocery store. In a split second anxiety and panic can creep up and rash decisions are made in the effort to get out of the store before you lose your mind. Tailored Shopping Excursions are uniquely designed to match your needs and build confidence for future shopping experiences. Excursions take place at your favorite local grocery store, while there we will discuss your current grocery shopping habits (i.e., how often, for how many people and what ages, any budget concerns, and any food allergies or sensitivities). Together we will shop for your items and practice skills like label reading along the way. I will even help you load your vehicle after you check out.

Group Coaching/Workshop

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Strength in numbers- combining like minded people who share similar experiences and or goals can be powerful; group coaching is just that. Knowing you are not alone,  having peer support and a coach can be a game changer; sharing in a safe space cultivates growth and can lead to lasting friendships and community. Group coaching is great for learning specific information on a singular health concern or topic; interact with the group, pick up a few extra tips/tricks on how to implement change all while having fun. 

Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching

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Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching focuses on the nuances that are specific to individuals that are considering or have undergone one of the bariatric surgeries. The same principles of Health and Wellness Coaching applies to Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching.

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