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Holistic Avenue Coaching

Meet Your Coach

My passion of helping others was first highlighted as a teen when I became a member of The Natural Helpers, a national program that trains students to discuss behavioral health issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, risky behaviors, self-harm, and suicide.  This training emphasizes helping and listening skills to assist with connecting vulnerable peers to trusted adults and appropriate resources. The honor and continued opportunity to create meaningful relationships has always brought me genuine happiness. 

I was driven to become a master certified health and wellness coach, after overcoming many of the obstacles created by diet mentality, and a lifetime of miss-guided chronic dieting behaviors. 

I am committed to helping clients develop their unique style and find balance between personal health and real everyday situations.  I specialize in intentional, informed eating and natural healing, using a holistic approach to lifestyle, focusing on small daily habits.  Helping clients simplify the ever changing and vastly dynamic world of diet mentality and nutrition; and how they relate to each of us as individuals.

My goal as a coach is to meet you where you are in your personal journey, build a sincere non-judgmental relationship, help motivate and encourage you , work through your struggles and celebrate your victories; teach you the health and wellness information you want to know; present you with the inner skills and personal knowledge you already possess to be successful. I enjoy helping my clients overcome their previous struggles and ultimately achieve their goals.

Striving to live a balanced holistic lifestyle myself; I find joy in being outside in the sun as much as possible whether that be in my vegetable or flower gardens, working in the yard or spending the day exploring nature with my family. I love cooking and enjoy trying unfamiliar ingredients and flavor combinations as well as creating new recipes. I even teach a regularly scheduled cooking class geared towards beginners using simple seasonal ingredients. 


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Want to Know More?

I offer complimentary consultations as well as:

  • Group Coaching/Workshops
  • Tailored Shopping Excursions
  • Personal Health Coaching
  • Pantry Immersion Experiences
  • Bariatric Lifestyle Coaching