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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is health coaching?
Health Coaching Is A Collaboration Between A Coach And Client. A Health Coach Helps You Identify Your Goals And Find Solutions Related To Your Health And Wellness Concerns. The Overall Goal Of Your Coach Is To Work With You To Improve Your Overall Quality Of Life.
Does coaching really work?
Health coaching is beneficial when both parties are forthright about their needs, expectations and capabilities.  Fully describe what you’re looking to gain through health coaching. Be honest about the challenges you’ve faced, your successes and your setbacks.
Is confidentiality guaranteed?
Yes, everything you say is confidential. *
*In rare circumstances there are exceptions to the rule of confidentiality. By law, the coach is required to report: 
Threats of harm to oneself, or others
Suspected child or elder abuse – if the client is the victim or perpetrator
or when requested by subpoena or court order.
How do I schedule a session with a coach?
Session scheduling will be discussed during the initial complimentary consultation, we do this to ensure the client and coach are a good fit.
What certificates and training do you have?
Kaydee has a Master Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching and has extended training in the following life Stages.
    Focuses On Parents And/Or Children- Learn Simple Healthy Habits That Prevent Nutrition Related Diseases, Enhance Overall Health, And Improve Children’s Learning And Behavior.  
    Prepare Pregnant And New Moms- Have A Healthier Pregnancy And Baby, A Smoother Delivery And Recovery; Concentrate On Pre- And Post-Natal Nutrition.
    Empower Adults- Sharpen Thinking, Boost Energy, Prevent Age-Related Diseases, And Take Charge Of Their Health.  
Do you take health insurance?
Not at this time. 
Do you offer online sessions?
We are looking into expanding our online services. At this time online coaching is available on a case by case basis.