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Post-Surgical Coaching

Bariatric surgery is not for the faint of Heart, it takes a great amount of dedication and determination to get through the pre-surgery process and the initial trauma of the procedure. The length of time it takes your body to recalibrate after surgery varies from person to person; this is known as the “Honeymoon” Phase. Factors such as the state of health your body was in prior to, and the type of bariatric surgery you had play a major role. It is usually during this phase that patients find their mind needs time to catch up with their bodies, and adjust to their body’s new image . Others find habit changes that come with the surgery harder to implement into their daily routines and struggle settling into their new lifestyle. Lifestyle changes after surgery range from taking vitamins and supplements several times a day, to taking smaller bites and not consuming liquid during mealtimes, as well as ongoing lifelong follow-up doctor appointments and bloodwork. Relationship dynamics change with themselves, others and with food and substances such as alcohol. Falling into previous habits can happen quickly, oftentimes patients do not reach out for guidance,help and support due to the perceived shame of being a “failure”. 

You already have what it takes to be successful. Surround yourself with people who support and believe in you.  

Even if we all eat the same foods and do the same exercises we would look different. Embrace your uniqueness and thrive.